Custom Sorority Tees With Foil


You’ve seen shirts in stores with foil treatments. You’ve maybe even thought it would be really cool to get some for your sisters for your sorority. Here’s the easiest way to get your own custom sorority shirts with gorgeous foil treatments. We’re more than just your local print shop–we sell our product all over the country, and it shows in our quality.


Custom foil shirts start with ideas. That’s what you bring to the table–your project can be as simple as a custom name change on any of the designs shown on this page. Or you can bring your own clever ideas to us, and our professional artists will make the process seamless and easy for you.


We can make art for you or you can bring your own artwork. This design, above left, was done first on this banner. We’re showing it here on an Alternative Apparel ladies scoop neck–one of our favorite products to print girly designs on. Foil looks great on it, too!


Even though they look metallic and shiny, our foils are soft to the touch and durable when washed. We design artwork appropriate for foiling, then we hot stamp it into the design during the production process. Easy, beautiful, durable–and best of all, it will make your sisters stand out from the rest of the ordinary shirts on campus.


We’ve printed loads of foil shirts, not just for college students. We’ve put product in stores all across Florida, all 50 states, and many Caribbean countries. Our foils look great in colors like Gold, Silver, Pink, Copper, Rainbow, and Glossy Black.


You can stand out on campus with foil shirts, but let us handle the dirty work. Bring us your ideas and we’ll put them on a gorgeous shirt product for you–with no additional stress added to your life.

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