Make Your Custom T-shirts Even Better With Lots of Colors of Durable, Custom Foil Prints

rmr designs has all kinds of foil for custom t-shirts

If you’ve ever seen foil on professionally printed t-shirts, you may already be interested in your own custom foil t-shirts. Your new custom tees can be printed with any one of a half dozen briliant, gorgeous colors of in stock foil, with other colors available via special order.

The in-stock colors available for foil are:

  • Metallic Gold Foil
  • Metallic Silver Foil
  • Metallic Pink Foil
  • Metallic Blue Foil
  • Glossy Black Foil
  • Metallic Rainbow Foil

silver foil sample on a custom t-shirt

These foils can sparkle and reflect the light. They look great, particularly on simple artwork.


Complicated artwork with lots of detail can work well, too. If you have questions on if your artwork will work with foil, you can ask a customer service representative by calling 1800-393-2665.

rainbow foil pressed onto a custom shirt design

Rainbow foils are a customer favorite. If you like the shiny, metallic look of foil and bright colors, it may be perfect for your custom project!

pink foil blue foil black foil silver foil gold foil rainbow foil

Customers local to the Tampa Area are welcome to drop in and see more samples of our in-stock foils. And if you have any questions on getting great foils printed on your custom t-shirt project, call us at 1800-393-2665.


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