Can I Put a Photo on a T-Shirt?

Can I Put Photos on Custom Tee Shirts?

We get a lot of questions from customers about whether we can print photos on t-shirts. A lot of potential customers think it’s not possible to print a high-quality, durable photo on a shirt, possibly because the iron-on solutions out there are so poor. Here are some things you need to know about using photos when creating your custom t-shirt:

Is it possible to have a photo printed on a shirt?

Yes! Our simulated process screen-printing technique is perfect for high quality photographs. We have printed thousands of high-end illustrations and drawings with this same process. High quality photographs contain similar levels of detail and color. We are leaders in photographic printing on shirts.

What’s the quality like? When I tried it myself with a store-bought solution, it fell apart quickly.

Want to create your own store-quality shirt? Screen-printed tees from RMR are heat cured for durability in the washing machine. Our inks and printing machines are the industry standard, so your custom shirt will be as durable as any professional product found in stores.

Does it have to be black-and-white? Does that save money?

For smaller orders, we prefer black and white (the Basic Print Package) or grayscale prints (the Plus Print Package), although we have the capability of printing as many as 11 colors in your photo with our Premium Print Package. When we convert your photo to Grayscale, it reduces your cost and can still give you an excellent, photographic look. We’ll do our best to advise you on what product will best suit your needs, but ultimately the choice of full color versus limited color is all yours!

We can put your digital photos on a shirt

Can you combine a photo with an original design?

You can either create your own art combined with your photograph or – better yet – have all the work done for you by our professional graphic artists. We often combine text and other graphic elements with photographs to create dynamic custom t-shirts and other garments. You can read more about our design process in this FAQ.

Are there limitations on the photo being used? What resolution does it have to be?

The golden rule for photo printing is always “the higher the quality of the file, the higher quality the print”. For a portrait-sized print, the photo should have been taken with at least a 5-megapixel camera.

Aside from megapixels, your photo also needs to be sent to us in one of these file types:

.ai – Adobe Illustrator.psd – Adobe Photoshop

.jpg – JPG File

.eps – PostScript.gif  – GIF File

.png – PNG File

We also have a very informative FAQ on our website about using custom art. Check it out!

As always, if you have any other questions or you’re ready to get started, please call our friendly customer service staff at 1-800-393-2665 now!

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