Custom Screenprinted Tees for your Business or Uniform Needs

The successful businessperson knows what to look for in a partner.

RMR Designs has 20 years of experience in:

  • Printing products that experience a high rate of sale for a good price
  • Maximizing their partners’ profit margin
  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Handling potential problems with professional, knowledgeable staff, which includes on-site graphic artists.

T-shirts for Business People. Get t-shirts to sell in your store, or custom uniform tees

With that kind of experience, we can ensure products for your shop or logo shirts for your business end up looking great – guaranteed! Perhaps you already have ideas and only need the tools to bring them to life. Using your own graphics to make a terrific shirt is easy using our QuickQuote tool!

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    Successful businesspeople recognize that a professional image for their employees is crucial to their organization. Clients and customers feel more comfortable if the public face of your business – your staff – look competent and professional. The solution is a logo t-shirt from RMR.

    Successful shop owners recognize that distinctive, high-quality shirts at a good price can maximize profit margins and open new revenue streams for their business. The solution is an original t-shirt from RMR.

    What if you need help with your Custom T-shirt Project?

    The RMR difference is customer service. Your phone call stays in the USA, where our courteous and helpful staff will help guide your project through our professional graphic arts department and make sure your shirt exceeds your expectations.

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    A Record of Service–Good Prices and Great Margins on Custom Tees

    RMR Designs has been creating high quality, attention-grabbing t-shirt designs for over 20 years right here in the USA. They view working with you as one small business helping another, as neighbors would. But don’t just take our word for it…

    “We were able to sell your polo shirts for eight dollars less than the shirts the faculty planned on ordering and still made a profit. RMR proved that less cost still meant high quality and durability.” – Mindi, President, Colson Elementary PTA

    “RMR was an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Every step of the way, the team was attentive to my company’s needs. Eric did an amazing job helping with the designs for our shirts. When it came down to pricing, they didn’t disappoint us either. Bobby worked with us to get a price that was cost effective without sacrificing the quality of their work. It was nice to do business with a t-shirt printer who genuinely cares about the client.” – Alex, Owner, Political Frat Gear, LLC

    Your Custom Screenprinted Products Start Here

    RMR has helped numerous businesses find creative ways to use beautiful custom t-shirts to help them grow. You can find out those secrets as well! The best of those ideas are published in our e-mail newsletter. It’s free to subscribe.

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