Make Sure Your Band and Your Fans Stand Out with Custom, Quality Merch!

Let’s be honest: the path to fame and fortune is harder than ever for bands. Venues aren’t paying what they used to. Recording costs continue to grow with no guarantee that you’ll see a profit. Making a profit on merch – particularly shirts – is more important than ever for bands of all sizes.

There are a lot of print shops out there, but not many have professional graphic artists with years of experience of making matchless merch for bands at affordable prices that make it easy to turn a profit.

RMR Designs has 20 years of experience in:

  • Creating products that fans are proud to wear
  • Expanding profits for hard-working bands
  • Accommodating any particular needs
  • Quickly solving potential problems with the help of their knowledgeable staff and team of on-site graphic artists

When you work with RMR Designs, your shirts will look as great as you sound – guaranteed!

Being artists, maybe you already have the ideas and graphics needed to make your merch a smash. In that case, making successful shirts is easy using our QuickQuote tool!

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    Successful bands want to offer their fans merchandise that is original and high quality. You work hard on your image and want your merchandise to be a reflection of that. You have great ideas that will make sure both you and your fans stand out. The solution is custom t-shirts from RMR Designs.

    Successful bands also know how to open new streams of revenue. You know that the better the merchandise price can be for you, the more profit you can generate. After all, every dollar counts before your big break. Again, the solution is custom t-shirts from RMR Designs.

    But what if you need some help?

    RMR knows that just because you are a music artist doesn’t necessarily mean you are a graphic artist. Luckily, they have a full staff of professional, experienced graphic artists on-site waiting to make sure the ideas in your head end up as quality designs on a shirt.

    RMR prides itself on its customer service and experience. With the help of our friendly customer service staff and our experienced, on-site graphic artists, you can spend less time worrying about how your merch is going to turn out and more time turning out new material!

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    A variety of clients and customers have been partnering with RMR Designs for over 20 years because they know RMR produces high-quality, unique prints on many different products. New revenue streams have been opened and the clients, including many bands, have boosted their profits! Don’t believe us? Here are just some of the many clients who we have helped transform their bottom line:

    Want some new ideas?

    Our clients and our professional staff find new ways to design and sell t-shirts all the time. The best of those ideas make it to our e-mail newsletter. It’s a message that can actually come up with new strategies and make you money, for the best price possible: free!

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