Price and Quoting FAQ

Price and Quoting FAQ

How much does it cost to work with a designer?

We’ve made designing and pricing your custom shirt easy with our simple quoting tool. Pick the package that fits your project and the cost of the design time is built in. It’s easy to get the design you want at a price you can afford.


What determines the price of my project?

There are quite a few factors that go into the price of your custom t-shirt design:

Type of garment: Some shirts, hoodies, or other garments simply cost more or less than others.

Quantity: When we have a project with a higher volume, the setup cost involved with preparing the machines for printing is split over more garments, so the price-per-garment decreases considerably. That decrease is reflected in your quote.

Number of colors: Each color is represented by a separate screen on the printing press. The more screens that need to be prepared for a printing run, the more labor and materials are required.

Number of printing locations: We can print on the front, back, side, or sleeve of most garments. Just ask!

Shirt color: White shirts are not dyed and usually cost less than colored shirts.

The complexity of your artwork: Our artists and graphic designers are masters of their craft and take great pride in their work. They work until you are happy with your design.

Type of delivery: As discussed in the Shipping/Deliveries FAQ, we offer delivery times from 14 days up to next-day.

Is there a specific quantity that qualifies as a bulk order and thus gets a discount?

We work on a sliding scale for what we consider higher volume. As the leading screen-printing company in Tampa, we service all sizes of orders and it would be unfair to punish smaller orders in favor of some of our larger clients. We are able to offer a larger per-piece discount for larger orders, so it pays to maximize your order.

How soon can I get a quote?

Our online quoting tool makes pricing your project easy and instantaneous! If you want to speak to one of our friendly customer service agents, please call 1(800) 393-2665 during business hours. They can return a quote to you within a day.

Do you match competitors’ prices?

We are proud to be an American small business that produces quality products at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, in the screen printing world, there is always someone out there willing to sacrifice quality by dodging US labor laws and wages and printing their shirts overseas. While we value our customers’ business, we can’t match every competitor willing to sell a shirt of lesser quality for a cheaper price. We are committed to making a great product – at the right price – here in the USA!